GEO Certified

Mirimichi is the first golf course in North, South or Central America to become Golf Environment Organization (GEO) Certified. This designation signifies that Mirimichi has met comprehensive and advanced sustainability requirements, and uses them to both drive continual improvement, and communicate the back-story behind their success. With GEO Certification, Mirimichi becomes one of the first ten courses world-wide to receive the prestigious designation.

The GEO Certification at Mirimichi recognizes our commitment to environmental sustainability by protecting and enhancing ecosystems and biodiversity, maximizing resource efficiency, reducing waste, and conserving cultural heritage and landscapes. We will adhere to the promise of continual improvement, and regularly monitor and review environmental performance indicators to ensure progress.

About GEO

Golf Environment Organization The Golf Environment Organization works to strengthen links between people, golf and the planet by enhancing the economic, social and environmental benefits of golf. By partnering throughout the global golf community, they are committed to raising standards, providing productive solutions and objectively apprasing and recognizing performance.

Through the principles of good science, objectivity, transparency, collaboration and continual improvement, GEO aims to enhance and enrich the environment, encourage sustainable lifestyles and strengthen the golf industry. Their vision is that golf will achieve international recognition for enhancing environmental quality and human well-being.

GEO is supported by a global network of partners, patrons, scientists, thought leaders, industry representatives and major organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme, World Wildlife Foundation, Club Managers Associations of Europe and America, and more.

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